First Steps. Lesson 3. Homework

Задание 1. Используйте слова, чтобы сказать об имени, национальности и профессии каждого человека на фото.

What do you do? What is your job? What are you?

— doctor, teacher, student, pupil, traveller, accountant, engineer, dentist, lawyer, sportsman, businessman, waiter, taxi driver, driver, professor, secretary, reporter, president

— English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, American, Chinese, German, French, Canadian, Australian, African, Polish, Turkish, Australian

— nice, pretty, good, bad, beautiful, handsome, happy, active, funny, cool, young, old, sick, fit


Задание 2. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо

This is … book. He is … student. They are … students. We are … taxi drivers. She is … Jane. I am … teacher. My friend and I are … happy. Look! This is … new car. Is this … watch? — No, it isn’t … watch, it’s … pen. Do you have … calculator? — Yes, I do.


*Для перевода слов используйте такие сайты: